Monday, January 8, 2018

The Common Courtesy of Commenting

I browse a site called Quora now and then, it's basically a site where people ask questions for others to answer. It's not a bad site, and I enjoy answering questions for those who need help, providing I think I can answer with information that will really help them.

One of the questions I see repeated is about blog commenting. You see many of those asking questions are in internet marketing, and they have been told time and again if you comment on someone's blog, chances are they will comment yours and this can generate traffic(more visitors) to your site.

Well, that doesn't always work out the way they think it will, because many people are too self-absorbed and care only if someone comments on their blog posts, and usually they don't return the favor.

I comment on most of the blogs I take the time to read. If I can take 5 or 10 minutes to read a good post, at the very least I can take a few seconds to let the author know I read, I enjoyed, or I got happy or pissed off and let them know why. I think it's only common courtesy to do this. I don't comment for traffic.

If I was getting traffic from blogs I commented on I'd be all day reading the comments, which I wouldn't mind, even if it was time-consuming. 
Blog commenting to me is just that, a commentary of what I have read. Most bloggers consider any feedback good, even if the comment was to criticize the post. I've always appreciated any comments I receive, and try to always answer if necessary. It's just common courtesy!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Hey, I Try to Be Helpful

I've just arrived back home from a brief journey to the corner grocery store. Yup, had to go pick up the things the wife forgot when she went out earlier. Luckily for me, she pinned a note to my jacket to avoid me making the same mistake.

It's a bit nipply outside, so I wore my best lounging around the house, expecting company pajama pants under my best lounging around the house expecting company jogging pants, and my favorite tie-dyed sweatshirt. It wasn't tie-dyed on purpose, I had to do my own wash one day, "nough" said about that.

Anyway, I made it to the store and showed the note to the lady working there, I forgot my glasses and couldn't read it. I trusted her to get what I was sent for and keep me out of the proverbial doghouse. I got the items, paid for them, and realized I wanted something for myself in a store across the street. So I stood there and waited for what seemed like 20 minutes for the traffic to pass by, and crossed.
As I walked down the sidewalk, I looked over to the other side of the street from whence I came and saw an elderly lady in a motorized wheelchair stuck in the snow-covered sidewalk. There was this tiny little young lady trying to get her unstuck, so once again I crossed back to the other side to help these two ladies. As I was crossing, I heard the elderly lady say, "Fucking city never clears the sidewalks properly" I had to agree, and I had to laugh! Anyway, I reached the other side of the street and we managed to get the lady unstuck. She thanked us and off she went.

So once again I tried to get across the street to go where I had started out to go several moments before. Finally across, I made it to the store and got what it was I wanted. Off again towards home. I just reached the intersection and there was a transit bus blocking the whole street because some idiot decided they needed a pizza from the corner pizza shop and parked right at the corner, which was hindering the bus to go around said corner. Me being the helpful guy I am told the driver to "bump his junk out of the way" but he didn't. He basically told the lady who was sitting in the passenger seat that whoever was driving the car was an asshole, which I agreed with.

Anyway, I moved on and finally made my way home. So here I sit in a warm and cozy apartment, having a cold beer, and I want to wish all of you, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!