Sunday, November 12, 2017

Good Times, Way Back When...

I was reminded of something yesterday when I went to the grocery store. What sparked this memory was the fact I took about $8.00 in change with me. It was change I had gathered up, and it wasn't enough to roll, and so I thought i'd get rid of it. 

When I got to the cashier, I said, "Jenn, I have a pocketful of change here, I just want to get rid of it". Well Jenn, the owner is a very nice young lady, and she said, "No problem, I can always use change."

It was at that moment this memory came flooding back to me. I said, "Jenn, let me tell you a story about change..."
When my wife and I were first married, we basically lived paycheck to paycheck. We didn't go out often, but every once in awhile we would. we were sitting around one night, and I had the urge to go out. So I mentioned it to my wife. She of course said we didn't have the money, I told her I'd look after it, and besides, our friend Willie was going to be playing his guitar and singing there that night.
So she took me for my word, and called my mothers house to see if my brother Kelly was home and if he'd babysit for us.

One of my brothers was 15 at the time, and we'd often get him to babysit for us. The kids loved him, probably because he was like a big kid himself, and he would play all kinds of foolish games with them. 

So my brother showed up at the required time, and off we went. We got to the bar, and took our seats, and since we come from a small town, and I was a regular "patron" of the bar, the bartender knew me quite well. 

Paul the bartender was a big man, and a very nice man, in fact we hired him to be bartender at our wedding a few years before. So he took our order, 2 draught, which at the time were 55 cents each! He returned to our table with the draught, and I haulded out of my pocket, $11.00 in rolled up pennies!

All he could do was laugh, and my wife, well she was thinking about crawling under the table! I was laughing too, and finally my wife couldn't help but laugh either. 

Anyway, Willie played that night, and whenever he was there, I'd always ask him to play some James taylor for us, which he always did. He reminded me of JT in a lot of ways, a great guitar player with a sweet, mellow tone... 

We had a great time that night, at the bar, and at home... best was it only cost me $11.00! 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

When, Why, and How?

I'm not sure when it began. It just snuck up on me, and BOOM! I was expecting it, but it still happened, and I didn't even know til it was too late. I don't know exactly why it happens, but happen it does, and to all of us, some sooner than later. 

You may be wondering what I'm rambling on about, well, it's simple, getting old. Old as in, jeez, if I had the money, I'd hire someone to pull my socks on for me. 

Yes, that simple little daily chore, has become complicated. I'm actually beginning to think my arms have grown shorter, I'm pretty sure my legs haven't grown longer. I still need a step stool to reach things on top of the kitchen cabinets. 
I'm also thinking my wife has renewed her sewing skills and has secretly made all my pants smaller. My stomach now hangs over the tops of my pants, and if it weren't for wearing a belt, they'd be forced to my knees. Speaking of my belt, I'm thinking someone has cut some of it off, and made it shorter. I'm running out of room to put new "holes" in it to fasten it properly.

I exercise regulary, walking, not jogging, I think the person that invented jogging wasn't intending to, I actyually think they were running away from someone or something. Getting back to my exercise, I walk from the bed to the bathroom evey morning. I walk from the bathroom to the kitchen, every morning. I walk from the kitchen to my computer desk, every morning. I walk... well, you get the idea, I walk a lot! 

All this walking hasen't improved my health or caused any weightloss, I'm beginning to think these people who are trying to sell us on the walking or jogging for exercise are full of shit! 

Don't even get me started on diets. There are more diets out there then you can shake a stick at, and most want to charge you and arm and a leg for meal supplements. I have, and only have had one diet regime in my life, it is the SeeFood diet. I see food, I eat it. I kid you, I don't eat everything, sweet potatoes suck, I don't eat those. 

Man boobs, who the fuck invented that term? He should/she should be taken out and shot. No full grown elderly man wants to have boobs bigger than their grand daughters or wife, it just ain't right, and as Red Green has expressed so eloquently, "I don't go out in public with my shirt off, it scares the children, and confuses the babies". 

Anyway, I have come to except my getting older, the weight gain around the middle, and the slowing down. It is unavoidable, but jeez, did it have to begin so soon? 

Ah hell, life goes on... at least for a little while I'm hoping! Have a great day everyone!