Saturday, July 16, 2016

Been Awhile So I Thought I Might Drop In...

Wow, haven't been here in awhile, I think i need to do some redecorating... maybe later. Anyway I just had a nice shower, 

so I'm Zestfully clean...

Got no dandruff on my Head and Shoulders...........

and I'm wearing my best Colgate smile....

  So things are looking up so far. I have a busy day planned, have some work to do on a website I'm putting together, and I have another planned, that one will take a little while to get online. At least it is keeping me out of trouble.

I also want to put together a short video, I haven't done one of those in a very long time, and I just found a new site with a great video platform, thought I might give it a try.  

While I am here, thought I might mention a new platform, (new to me) that has helped me immensely with my site and all the things it takes to put one together properly, it is called The Wealthy Affiliate, so if any of you ever decide to play online marketing, they are the people that can help you. 

Well folks, that's all I have for now, Hope you All HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Illustrated Short Stories for "Kids"..... :)

It would seem, that anyone who ever was once a child, has it in their head, that they can write childrens books/short stories. Well, since i was once a kid, I got to thinking, hell, I should be able to write a childrens short story...... So, here is my first in a series of "Illustrated Short Stories for Children.....   Poor Grandpa>.....
Grandpa is suffering, a bad case of gas

Farting and sputtering sounds right out of his ass…..
poor grandpa!
Though he suffers in silence, the poor old dear

The smell is excruciating, and is polluting the air…..
poor grandpa!
It isn’t because we don’t love him and want him close

But we’d all be better off, if he was comatose…..
poor grandpa!

Well, it’s been a few months that passed by

And poor old grandpa, well, didn’t he die…….

poor grandpa!
Grandpa we miss you, always quick with a zinger

Unfortunetly, that is the wrong finger………. 

I'm thinking my next childrens Short Story will be:
Grandma, Your Too Old for Those "Toys"

The Dangers of Peanut Butter........
Since I've decided to put together short stories for children, I thought maybe I should try and teach the little rugrats things that may help them through life.... I now present "the dangers of peanut butter"............ or, peanut butter can lead to sex........

dangers of peanut butter
Little Roy sure did like to eat

And peanut butter he thought was sweet…..

dangers of peanut butter

His mom would give him peanut butter each day

With his promise of being good and keep quiet and play…..

dangers of peanut butter

Little Roy got some peanut butter on his lap

And Found his dog loved it … and how, holy crap!

 dangers of peanut butter

Sadly, little roys dog up and died…..

Little roy, he cried and cried………

dangers of peanut butter
Looking out his window one summer day

His heart beat faster, and he began to sway
dangers of peanut butter
There was a pretty little girl next door

Maybe she’d like peanut butter like his dog did before….

Yup, peanut butter can be dangerous, and lead to sex................. always wear a condom before using peanut butter........

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Been awhile.

  Greetings and salutations everyone! Been awhile since I have written anything here....... been busy, but I have a little free time now, so here I am. It's been very quiet here lately, and that's a good thing. It was very quiet here this morning when I got up, actually I found it a little too quiet, I could here every sound, from the cats cleaning themselves, right down to the clock ticking..... 

  Cats cleaning themselves is a very annoying sound, much like someone who is smacking their lips and eating loudly....... The clock ticking is a reminder of our little time here on Mother earth, and how fast it can pass us all by.

  Last night my wife went out and did a little shopping. She is very much into the Christmas thingie..... me, I'm not so inclined, but go along with her spirit, because you know what they say, Happy wife.....Happy life! She has thrown several hints the last few days (more like asking outright) for me to put the decorations and lights outside. I've been using the it's too dayum wet out excuse the last few days, because it actually has been, so today I'm going to use it's too dayum cold, because it's actually nice and clear out,so the wet excuse won't work! I'm hoping it works, but she may just become insistent........... 

  My computer has once again decided to be a prick. It's been running very slowly and all the usual tricks and tweaks haven't helped. I even downloaded a few things that are suppose to help, but they haven't. I even went to the support site of the manufacturer, and that didn't help. I'm thinking it's soon time for a new computer......... This one is 5 years old, and hasn't been turned off hardly since I first bought it.

  ..... anyway, I do hope anyone reading has a great day, and wish me luck in the decorations and lights battle I figure I'm going to have! 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Almost back to normal......

So, like the title says, things have almost gotten back to normal. My wife under went another hip replacement surgery several weeks ago, and had been re-cooperating here at home. She felt much better and stronger after this surgery, and as usual, over did it. She ended up back in this hospital, with a blood infection. 

Because of the blood infection, she  had a very sore red spot on her leg, and the doctor was afraid the sore spot would ulcer. So he kept her in the hospital for a couple of days. The leg was swollen, but the redness is gradually fading, also the blisters that they were afraid of ulcerating, have also began to heal quite well. She is on bed rest, and for once is actually listening to the doctors orders. 

So this morning, I told her, if she didn't eat so much, I'd be able to keep the dishes all washed, and the kitchen clean....... so when I got back from the emergency room, I apologized. Although I still think I was right! 

I'd been helping a guy i know refurbish a house he bought to flip! he's done 5 so far, and has done well with the profits! The latest one was just finished, and he's already had people interested.When this one sells, he has another he's looking at, and told me he wanted me to come help him with it.

I have to say I really enjoyed the work. I was doing things i hadn't done before, and i found it all very interesting, and at the same time, he taught me a lot. It's not everyone who would let me use power tools! 

At the moment, i have a couple of weeks off, which is kind of good in a way. I can be home with my wife and help her with her recovery, although i do miss being out and about and working. I did make a connection while doing this house with a guy that does trim work, who also bought a house to flip, and he is going to get me to come work for him as soon as the house closes, which is in December. 

It's all good with me, work and money, lifes necessary evils................

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Nobody's child...........

The little girl was lead outside and unceremoniously put in the taxi.......... she had few possessions, all in a plastic grocery bag. As the taxi pulled away, she stared out the back window, tears streaming down her face. She had no idea where she was going, or for that matter, why she was going........... 
She reached her destination, and even after the long drive, the tears were still running down her face. The lady and man who met her, did what they could to console her, and showed her to her new room. There were two other children in the room, both young girls, who made fun of her for her crying. Although if they'd thought back, would have realized they had done the same thing when they were sent off, too.
She couldn't sleep or eat for awhile, all that she had on her mind was why? She was five years old at the time. A cute little blue eyed, blond child, who was skinny as a rake handle, and quiet as a tomb.
She had known happiness, or had thought she had, but as time went by, she realized that now, she actually had that happiness. Not only were there other little girls to play with, but she had brothers! Two little boys who actually adored her and protected her from all that could harm her. 
Uncle Jack and Aunt Loretta loved her, and had decided they wanted to adopt her. They put the legal process in motion and waited. She had been with them for several years, and of all the foster children they had taken in, they loved her and wanted to make her their own. They had adopted the boys, and were so very proud of them, and they knew, she would always make them proud of her.She was smart, and she was gentle and kind.
Finally, after a very long process, Jack and Loretta were informed that her parents would not let the adoption go through. She was to be returned to them. So once again she was in a taxi looking out the back window....... tears streaming down her face, and off to another unknown.............................. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

It's Simple, STOP FUCKING!

Although I don't completely agree with abortion, I'm amazed as I sift through many sites. It amazes me, that those who holler the most, are men!So let me be one of those men who are hollering....... Of course you have a few religious assholes who are women as well. Then, if you actually read their posts, most are bible scriptures or something they have c/p'ed. 
  It wouldn't be so bad if some of these outraged people would come up with an exceptable solution, but they don't. Their solution is to post videos that have a high and intense shock value. A scare tactic, meant to get a rise out of an uncaring public..... Then they do more bitching. 
  So, I have come up with the solutions, it's up to the world to implement them. 
  First, all those countries that have starving children and keep having children, all people, male and female will/should be sterilized. NO MORE BABIES YOU WANT OTHERS TO FEED!
  Second, any woman getting pregnant because a) she had sex without being on the pill, will have that baby carried to term, and support the persons who adopt it, as will her male partner who fathered it, and was too "cool" to wear a condom. In this day and age of social diseases and preventable pregnancies, you all deserve to put up with your mistakes. Although I find the word mistake very sad when it comes to a living being. 
  Any woman who has been raped and becomes pregnant has the choice of a) aborting within the first month, after all, it is the spawn from hell, or b) having that child and making the rapist support it, but only after that said rapist is castrated. In a public venue, and no painkillers supplied, much like female circumcision..... as barbaric as that seems to be..... (religion, isn't it wonderful sometimes?) 
  Underage pregnancies, are to be dealt with by the parents. They will be responsible to raise those children, till the underage, reach the legal age. After all, they are your responsibility till the age of 18............... You should be watching them every minute of the day! 
Now get to work and fix this shit!