Sunday, April 23, 2017

I Can See The Hesitation in Their Eyes

I don't often offer my hand when meeting someone for the first time. It isn't because I'm stand-offish, or that I think I'm better than/or above them, it's because I hate to see that look of hesitation when I hold out my hand, and they see, for the first time, the psoriasis.
My psoriasis first showed up at the age of 13, and started on my lower leg. That particular patch, looked like I had been riding on a motorcycle, and had burnt my leg on the exhaust, which by the way, I often used as an excuse when I wore shorts in the summertime. 
Over the years, the psoriasis has spread to other areas, most notable is my hands.The first foru fingers of my right hand, and the first 3 of my left. When I have a bad outbreak, it makes it very difficult to work, because just bending my fingers often result in them cracking and bleeding.
Several weeks ago, we did a job for a police officer, who wanted his basement boarded and taped. We showed up late in the afternoon to look over what he wanted done, and to give him a quote for the work. Of course when we enetered his home, he offered his hand, and hesitantly I shook his hand. Don't want to upset the cops here, they'll beat you silly and laugh about it, and get away with it,too! 
Anyway, there was that look. It often makes me feel about 2 feet tall, and after so many years, I get tired of explaining what it is, and that it isn't contagious. In this case I actually did. I don't, very often. 
I've tried many creams and ointments to relive the symptoms and outbreaks, but none have completely cleared up all the areas. I've been to skin specialists, and a numerous amount of doctors, and still I have to deal with it,daily. I heard on television a new process, and so far haven't looked into it, but it is suppose to have a great success rate. 
Most recently I came across  an item on the internet that I've been told has achieved great results. I peronally haven't tried it myself, but     I have put a pic that you can click and check it out for yourself if you also suffer with psoraisis, and think it maybe something your interested in. 

Click the above pic for more info.....

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  1. I'm trying to remember what it was I read about not too long ago that was supposed to really be effective against psoriasis. I will try to find that article and let you know. I don't have that problem, but I can imagine the frustration of not being able to get rid of it. One of my daughters has eczema and it really bothers her a lot in cold weather. Luckily for her it shows up in places she can cover for the most part. I guess people see something and immediately think they can catch it so you get that "hesitation" from them. :-( I do hope you can find a way to lessen it if not get rid of it completely. If I find that article I will send it to you. Hugss