Some poems

The Farm

 The farmer out working, using his harrow
the lines they are long, straight and narrow
they run deep in the soil for the new seed
producing a crop for the masses to feed.

the farmer sits on his tractor of old
so many stories that could be told
it chugs and it roars, almost to bust
it is old like him, and full of rust.

the work goes a steady gait, all through the day
planting crops, bringing in the years hay
a life that is hard at best of times you should know
but the farmer believes, you reap what you sow

The sun has made its final decent 
the farmer is tired, energy spent
lights in the homestead are turned off for the night
a new day tomorrow, when the sun starts its flight!

The Fire From Within

Oh, how I love that smile you have for me
It lights your beautiful face, for all to see
A glow comes from that smiling face
Takes my heart off to a much better place.

When you speak, it is of life and love
I know you have been sent from above
To fill my soul with love of life
Take away my pain, sorrow and strife.

to try and change the man within
to start afresh, back to begin
make me better, make me strong
so I may feel that I belong

while others have went along their way
you never shied, you said you were here to stay
when others had all there doubt
was only you who was about.

So now that smile, you do see
has become an important part of me
when I feel down and nowhere to turn
the fire of your love, within me burns.

My Little Place!

My little space of solitude, at my patio table

I spend as much time there, as I am able

Pollen, dust, traffic, be damned, I don't care

I'm at my best, peace within, when I am there.

When night comes, and light is low and dim

I have to sometimes force myself, to go back in.

Listening to Taylor, Cocker, and the Eagles too,

Some Clapton, hell, he can really sing the blues.

The neighborhood, quiet for the night, an odd car goes by

The odd plane you can see in the air, where will it fly?

So, now, I dust off my little table, bring in stuff I had

hell, after all is said and done, the day wasn't half bad!

Out of the Past

Down to the docks, the old salts go
Gear in hand, waiting to stow
Creases and weather worn face
Off to a new and far away place

Heave the lines, raise up the sail
Off they will go, long as the wind don’t fail
The ocean it calls, waves to fight, fish to get
They been lucky this year, haven’t lost a man yet.

They hold the ocean in quiet respect, and take care
Seen sights that only you could, if you also went there
Whales, and dolphins, swim with a grace
Even now, it brings smiles to their face.

Finally there, the dories go out for the day
The swell is large, the dories do sway
The lines are set, with bait from their store
Wind dying down, who could ask for more.

 Now they lead out the trawl line, baited and hooked
The bouys were untied, thank goodness someone looked.
Starting over, taking care all is right
They will be on the water till night.

The catch is now hauled to the box in their boat
It has been good, to their mates they can gloat
Back onboard the mother ship now for a snack
Grab some rest, for tomorrow they go back.